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Why Wait? LAUGH NOW!! 

A 1- Woman Comedy Show 

COMING SOON!!!  Date & Location TBA

Comments about Pam's One-Woman Show

"You rocked it. Keep following your path - you are powerful." T. Harrison, Hollywood

"You were incredible and I laughed and cried and felt so many emotions through your story. Beautifully done my friend." M. Torres, Fort Myers

"Congratulations on a wonderful, moving, incredible evening!!" Jeff O, WPB

"You were vulnerable, expressive, honest, morbid, emotional, awkward, and damn near all over the place. But it was hilarious and beautiful."  Kevin B, Fort Lauderdale

2015 Winner Ultimate Miami Comedian, 
e 27,at Magic City Casino, Miami

'Pam Loves This Man' nominated for Best Mockumentary.

Pam Bruno nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy

Comedy Central Hart of the City, Kevin Hart

Link to Hart of the City Episode:


Comedy Central

COMING SOON to the West Palm Beach Improv, Wednesday, Dec 4, 8:00 pm. Doors open at 7.

​​Tickets free online. $10 at the door.
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