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​Trying something new for my next 1-woman show. Robb Kalert will be opening for me. He won the Backstage Beast of Comedy contest that I judged this month. I thought he was hilarious, so I booked him for my show. Save the date, get your tickets, and come check out the show, Friday, October 11, at Speak Easy Theater.
Here's the Eventbrite link for tickets ($20, $35 for 2):

2015 Winner Ultimate Miami Comedian, 
e 27,at Magic City Casino, Miami

'Pam Loves This Man' nominated for Best Mockumentary.

Pam Bruno nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy

Coming Friday, October 11. 9 pm Speak-Easy Theater

​Comedy Central Hart of the City, Kevin Hart

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Comments about Pam's One-Woman Show

"You rocked it. Keep following your path - you are powerful." T. Harrison, Hollywood

"You were incredible and I laughed and cried and felt so many emotions through your story. Beautifully done my friend." M. Torres, Fort Myers

"What happened?!?" Vinny

And always popular, A Video about a Heckler