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Did you know I learned TM in 1971? And I became a TM Teacher right away. It really helped me with stress and depression, and I love it so much I want to share it with you.

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Attention: CE credits available for Nurses, LMT's, and Yoga Teachers


'Pam Loves This Man' nominated for Best Mockumentary.

Pam Bruno nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy

2015 Winner Ultimate Miami Comedian, 
June 27, at Magic City Casino, Miami

The above Cartoon was done in 1989.

Pam bruno's comedy website


Featuring Original Cartoons

​(past and present)

Comedy CentralHart of the City, Kevin Hart

Note: Imposter Syndrome -- feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt of a person's talents or accomplishments, and fear of being discovered as a fraud.
Coming Soon(Despite Imposter Syndrome)--
The Elevator And Other Stories