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DecoDrive, Feb 22, 2011,  Interview and clips from the South Beach Comedy Festival Deco-median Contest!

Burn Notice, "Dead or Alive", Dec 9, 2010, Mother of the slain police officer, at the burial site.  (I was spectacular!)

ChefDini, Infomercial, Audience member (you can see the back of my head)

The Glades, Nurse, Episode 4, due to air the 4th week of June, 2011. Coming up soon! The prop guy gave me a white watch to wear because all nurses wear white watches! (Note:  All you can see in the episode, named Lost and Found, are my bright pink pants)

Aug 8, 2011, Interview withLiz Tracy, for New Times,

​Also Aug 8, in the video Chiquita, produced by Jessica Gross,

Media Appearances

Step Up Revolution, the Movie.  I'm in the sequence with the Jellyfish. It's really a cool scene. Don't think I made the cut, but I was there. 

​Interviewed Nov 10, 2011, in Wendy Liebman's blogLMAO with Wendy!

Pam bruno's comedy website

Adventures of a Sexual Miscreant, Season 1,

Appearances on with Jorge Rodriguez.

For the Oct 15, 2010 and Feb 25, 2011  broadcasts, go to , click on Jorge Rodriguez, then click on Archives!