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UNUSUAL USES FOR "PAM"!  PAM ORIGINAL spray can be sprayed on the front of your car or truck before going on a long trip.  The bugs won't stick! If you don't use PAM, they will stick and the acid from their little bug bodies will eat away at the paint. Once again, PAM does the trick!

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And now, of course, her 1-Woman Show, "Death and Other Topics"

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April 15 - Taping for Kevin Hart's new show Hart of the City, Episode 5, Miami.       Will air on Comedy Central in the fall.

​Oct 30 - Kevin Hart's Hart of the City, Episode 5, Miami, Comedy Central

7-27-16- On brief hiatus. Developing web series, taking care of my beautiful Mom (92 years old August 1), and reflecting on life and its blessings. Much gratitude. Note: My Mom passed away on August 14. Thank you for all the kind wishes and messages. Love you! You can reach me at pam@pambruno.com

10-11-19- 9:00 pm, SpeakEasy Theater, 7450 Ocean Terr, Miami Beach

11-1-2019- 9:00 pm, SpeakEasy Theater, Broadmoor Hotel, 7450 Ocean Ter, Miami Beach

12-4-2019- 8 pm, In Small Doses Comedy Tour, West Palm Beach Improv, Tickets Free Online. $10 at the Door. Click here for free tickets: